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Medical Information Links


We have highlighted a few reliable and respected web sites for you to look up information. Please understand that anyone can say anything on the web. That does NOT make it true. Use web sites like those listed below to be sure you are getting true and valid information. Click on Medical Links and then click on one of the names in blue to reach the site.



Family Doctor

This is the patient education and information site affiliated with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Great information for wellness and for disease and illness information



American Cancer Society

Definitive source for cancer information

American Diabetes Association

Definitive source for living with diabetes

American Heart Association

Definitive source for heart disease

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Great source for information on any disease. Especially great for concerns with spread of disease

Mayo Clinic

Gredat source for a little more in depth look at disease processes as well as wellness issues

National Institute of Health (NIH)

Learn about the latest research being done as well as information on many disease processes.

National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health

Accurate and trustworthy site for information on herbal and vitamin supplements.


Another good source for health information that can be trusted